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VeniceArts.com was the first name in Query Submission Services for screenwriters. sending out over 1500 queries between 2000 and 2015. Not only were we the first, we were the best -- proving personalized, professional service, and never raising our prices or lowering our standards.

For those of you new to the idea of automated screenplay queries, it's very simple. You tell us about your screenplay - genre, logline, synopsis - and we help you craft a compelling, succinct query. We will then send it out to producers and/or agents/managers in our database who are seeking your type of project.

The Venice Arts database currently has:

920 producers
288 agents and managers
628 distributors, sales agents, and/or producer's reps.

And the fee for all this? It's just $75.00 ... the same fee we charged back in 2000. Compare to other services that charge $85 (without editing) up to $825! A rival company charges $50 to send your query (i.e. pitch) to just 5 pros!

Be wary of other query services that boast over 5300 contacts - they will NOT provide you with the email addresses of these companies. You have no way of knowing whether they sent your emails to all those contacts.

We will provide you with a complete email list after your queries are sent out, and we offer a money-back guarantee. We do not spam companies ... each email query sent out contains an 'opt-out' link for the recipient.

"Your service, once again, outperforms the others I have used. And your input really helped me improve my query. Worth every penny." - T. Brody

"I have an option because of you and a bunch of other people are reading (or so they say!) other scripts." - JJ Flowers


NEW! Add your script FREE to our database of available screenplays. The Showcase offers an exclusive script search utility for industry pros who can search available screenplays by format, genre, and keywords.


by Francis Flynn.
Could you beat John McEnroe in 1984? What about now? When a hapless family man (40) and the other men in his neighborhood get an opportunity to play in a tournament that's winner gets a chance to play and potentially beat McEnroe, everyone goes a little bit crazy (hiring trainers, coaches, using steroids as they are only forbidden for professional athletes).