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How It Works

  1. Submit order form with paypal payment.
  2. We will contact you within 48 hours to let you know when to expect a first draft of the query.
  3. You edit and/or approve the query, and return it to us.
  4. We will send the queries out to contacts in our database who are seeking projects like yours. (Screenplay queries go to producers, production queries go to distributors)
  5. We provide you with a complete list - with contact info - of the contacts who receive your query, so that you can follow up with them.

That's it!

$75.00 for screenplays (to producers and agents)
$100.00 for productions (to distributors)

These are all-inclusive fees that cover both the query blast AND query editing.

Be careful of other query services that boast over 5300 contacts - they will NOT provide you with the email addresses of these companies. You have no way of knowing whether they sent your emails to all those contacts. We will provide you with a complete email list after your queries are sent out, and we offer a money back guarantee.

"I have been sending out query letters for years with minimal results and a lot of frustration. But when I tried Venice Arts E- Query service I was pleasantly surprised. Within a few days I had agents and producers requesting my script! I am currently negotiating the sale of a feature comedy... Thank you very much for your excellent service." - Joe Murkijanian a happy Screenwriter


by Daniel McCurry.
After being taken into slavery, a Gothic woman rises to fame in Rome as a gladiatrix, but betrayal and loss form her into an instrument of vengeance that nobody, not even mighty Caesar, can control.

Terror and Horror collide as innocent Syrian villagers and an American archaeologist are caught between the monstrous relics that they preserve and murderous ISIS terrorists seeking to destroy them.

by Hans Nielsen.
When times get tough in the Crescent City, Hans Umber heads to a Zen retreat in Southern Colorado. And then, instead of returning to the Big Easy, Hans embarks on a cross-country odyssey.