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Our Newest Service. Often, producers, agents, managers, screenplay competitions and others request a 1-2 page synopsis to accompany the submission of your screenplay. If you'd like help drafting a 1-2 page industry standard synopsis, our fee is $90.  This is a more detailed synopsis than what is typically included in the query letter (which is recommended to be 1/2 page or less).  

Note, this does not include query submissions.  This fee is for editing and proofreading only.

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"Lisa brought a fresh, creative, and commercial take on my project. But with Venice Arts' help, it resulted in several reads (one with a big company) and much encouraging feedback. It was a very positive experience!"
- CP Samfield

"My co-writer and I received an offer of an option to develop our nighttime soap which was drafted, perfected and sent out by you. You're the best!"
- Jean B.